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Economic and financial evaluation of intangible assets

CEB is a unique reality in the European panorama able to offer a certification of the value of intangible assets, in full compliance with the principles of European Regulation (EC) 765/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 09/07/2008, as established by the European and National Standards and the principles of recognized international and national guides and, in accordance with Uni / Cei / En Iso / Iec 17065, respecting and guaranteeing the principles of independence, impartiality and technical competence, through an internationally recognized European matrix.

The economic and financial value of intangible assets, in the current economic market, is a variable, increasingly necessary for the assessment and strategic management of any development project.

The research and development process, carried out by CEB, has replaced the traditional approach of the defence of intangible assets alone with a different and more competitive business approach, which identifies these assets as important economic and financial tools, which fosters and supports the company, in its most innovative way, to propose itself to the market.

The Certification

The idea that certificates ideas. The real energy source for a new and winning industrial operational scheme.

Why to Certificate

The reasons and the added value of the economic and financial certification of intangible assets.

Our activities

An innovative service, the assessments and certification of the economic and financial value of intangible assets.


You can easily verify online the release and validity of any certification.


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