Our story

CEB, in its capacity as an innovative start-up with a high level of knowledge, was officially born on 14/04/2015 (date of registration in the Register of Companies), and owes its genesis to the problems that have always afflicted the courtrooms, when the object of the dispute referred to the intangible assets and the related procedures required the economic evaluation of the same

In fact, the difficult assessment, in addition to creating “distortions” about the judicial outcomes, for example in compensatory proceedings as a result of counterfeiting activities, effectively prevented companies from accounting for the economic and financial value of intangible assets in the company’s equity.

The situation has acquired, over time, the terms of a real paradox. In other words, while the company can account for the costs of research and development, it cannot, in the absence of the fair value of the intangible asset, take it to equity.

certificazione valutazione economica asset beni intangibili servizi

The problem highlighted, pushed a group of professionals, specialists in the field, together with a lawyer, author and promoter of the start-up project to start a difficult and complex research, aimed at identifying an unique and effective methodology, which could act as a matrix of punctual reference, for the economic and financial evaluation of the patent, first, and of the designs, then, and finally to extend the methodology, thus identified, to all intangible assets.

The assumption, far from without value, assumes a strong connotation, if only one thinks that, the true and unique Italian wealth is enclosed, since time immemorial, in that intellectual heritage, father of patents, designs, brands that have brought prestige and respect to Italy all over the world and in all fields of the production sector.

The research process, still underway, is highly innovative and valuable for companies that, today, are in a position to evaluate patents, designs, true Made in Italy wealth, and, use these resources, now become financial, for each development project, without undergoing the limitations that have characterized the past.

CEB’s research and development team

certificazione valutazione economica asset beni intangibili

The project’s promoters

 Engineer Paolo Simeoni,

Sole Director of CEB srl, innovative start-up with a high level of knowledge. Born in Rieti on 30 June 1944, he attended the Liceo Classico, he graduated in Civil Engineering, master’s degree, at La Sapienza University of Rome. Expert in finance and business management.

He has held the role of Managing Director of engineering companies and shipyards, as well as holding the position of Director of the New Initiatives Division of Gepi S.p.A. before and of Ita invest S.p.A. after. Managing director of Nova S.p.A., an industrial promotion and holding company for the Sicily Region, and of Investire Partecipazioni S.p.A., a company of the Sviluppo Italia SpA Group.

Many have been the offices of Board Member in companies in various product sectors. Of remarkable value, that of Component Commission Study of the European Normative concerning the Quality of the Environment and Human Health, of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, that of Member of the Assonave Executive Committee and that of Member of the Italian National Committee of the American Bureau of Shipping.

certificazione valutazione economica asset beni intangibili

The Certification

The idea that certificates ideas. The real energy source for a new and winning industrial operational scheme.

certificazione valutazione economica asset beni intangibili funzionamento

Why to Certificate

The reasons and the added value of the economic and financial certification of intangible assets.

certificazione valutazione economica asset beni intangibili


You can easily verify online the release and validity of any certification.