The fundamental greatness of the macroeconomy is GDP

GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is the market value of all the final goods and services produced in a Sovereign State over a given period of time.

The Gross Domestic Product is the main health indicator of an economic system, since it represents the capacity of the system itself to produce and sell goods. Analysts and economists focus on analyzing the past and present performance of GDP and on the estimates of its future developments.

Using a method of quantifying the GDP that is called the “Value Added Method”, the value added by a company to production is equal to the value of its production net of the value of intermediate goods used in the production itself. In recent years, it has been decided to estimate and add to the calculation of GDP, through the “Income Method”, also the contribution of the shadow economy and the income it generates.

Furthermore, the relationships and interactions between GDP, deficit and public debt are the fundamental parameters that the member countries of the Eurozone have undertaken to respect in order to guarantee the convergence of public accounts and make the Economic and Monetary Union sound.

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The GDP examines the production factors, labour and employed financial capital, to these are added the taxes on production and VAT, net of production contributions.

On the financial capital, it should be noted that it is also constituted by the intangible assets that the companies continually generate in the territory, even though, this balance sheet item has no “numerical” consistency, as intangible assets, to the state, are subject to specific and timely economic and financial evaluation, even in the presence of international principles for the preparation of the financial statements of companies that regulate the possibility (IAS 38). It is worth considering the fact that each State, individually taken, points to the best estimate of the resources it has and produces for the purpose of quantifying GDP, which is even more valid for Italy, which has always stood out on a global level for its high-profile ideas and designers. With the addition of the above-mentioned values, Italian GDP would have a significant multiplier effect that is anything but negligible, especially at a historic moment, in which all the State’s economic policy aims to stimulate research and innovation, prodromal moments leading to the creation of new intangible assets. “When it comes to the intangible capital of companies, it should not be forgotten that this is closely linked to the real economy” (Source: Ministry of Economic Development). CEB with its company mission contributes to a redefinition in economic terms of the Italian GDP.

certificazione valutazione economica asset beni intangibili
certificazione valutazione economica asset beni intangibili

The Certification

The idea that certificates ideas. The real energy source for a new and winning industrial operational scheme.

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Why to Certificate

The reasons and the added value of the economic and financial certification of intangible assets.

certificazione valutazione economica asset beni intangibili


You can easily verify online the release and validity of any certification.